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This software aims to view many pictures just clicking. You can view various formatted pictures and movies with several effects.
Enfle ML (Japanese)

enfle is a lightweight plugin based graphic loader for X window system.
enfle is pronounced 'anfl'.
You can add plugins to support more formats.
You can open archive files which contains some files by using a plugin.
Introduced as one of the tools for UNIX regarding to the AliceSoft games
Registered to the debian-JP. Containd to the package(ports) of FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE. Also registered to the Vector (Japanese, sorry).

enfle supports normal formats;jpeg,bmp,gif,png,pnm,xpm,xbm and mag.
enfle supports formats regarding to the AliceSoft; [pms,vsp](ald),
and also supports other formats; some Leaf formats; [lfg,lf2,grp](pak),
F&C formats; ipf(vfs),ipq,mcg(mrg), VA formats; pdt, ggf, gdt.
enfle is able to show the images in tar.gz and tar.bz2 archives. enfle is also able to show in lzh, zip archives by using misc plugins.
Shown images can be saved. Now supports png and jpeg(pms: incomplete) formats.

Some plugins' source code is not included .
19991206 versiongz archive(bz2 archive)
19991102 versiongz archive(bz2 archive)
unsupported extra plugins: ungif/xvpic
Debian-JP: i386/PowerPC/source
FreeBSD: ports/package <- maintainer will keep it as the later one.
RPM: i386/SRPM
You may use --rebuild on SRPM, because it is builded on slackware base system with glibc-2.1.2 and rpm
documents: README/ChangeLog/TODO(Japanese)
Followings are prohibited to redistribution.
The plugin binary files which source files are not open:
19991206 versionLinux glibc-2.1.x/Linux libc5/FreeBSD ELF
19991007 versionLinux glibc-2.1.x/Linux libc5/FreeBSD ELF
Please decompress under the folder like $PREFIX/lib/enfle/ which contains plugins.
Linux static binary: 19991006 static version

KNOWN BUGS(* is fixed in local tree)
It's very sorry that enfle can not be support GIF formats which has some merits; GIF images can animate very smoothly, and the speed of animation is controllable.
Now, there is a pronouncement which says that you have to pay money only to use GIF images on your web page.
I have already changed all images in My page(Sorry, Japanese only) to png format.
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recent updates:
Changes before them are in HISTORY(Sorry, Japanese only) page.
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Translated partially by H.O.
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